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Avenues West, Near West Side and SOHI District (North 27th Street) Facts & Figures

Here is the SOHI District (North 27th Street) Marketing Analysis which highlights populations statistics, demographics, retail leakage and more.  In addition, here are links to videos Part 1 and Part 2 on this analysis reviewed by our Michael J. Berne of MJB Consulting and Keith Stanley, Executive Director of Avenues West Association and Business Improvement District #10.  

Marquette University Graduate Students offer solutions to marketing and commercial revitalization of the SOHI District in this video from 2009.

You can also find the HGA, 27th Street Planning Update from 2010 here. You can find the SOHI District Master Plan here

Click here for 2010 census data facts and figures on the Avenues West neighborhood, one of seven communities of the Near West Side. 

Avenues West Association working with the City of Milwaukee's Department of City Development and the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Urban Planning school on this catalytic housing plan.  Graduate students Martin Graswick, Charles W. Grooms, Waleed Ismael, Joseph Wisniewski and Frank Zimmerman wrote this plan for a graduate project.  Here is a video presentation.

For a the marketing strategy for Avenues West neighborhood developed by Marquette University professor, Dr. Pokrywczynski and his 2013 students, Megan Hickey, Mary Hurrell, Jacqueline Kocken, Ann Laudick  and Connor Watts click here and for the video overview click here.  

For information and map regarding Near West Side Partners, Inc. you can click here.